Be the author of your own story

Planning ahead means celebrating your life, your way - and saying goodbye on your own terms. 

Creating the time to look back on your experiences and the moments that tell your story, and designing a farewell that reflects you.  

When you meet with one of our specialists to discuss your plan, these are some of the questions we will discuss.


Let’s start with the event

  • Where would you like your funeral to be held?
  • Who should speak at the funeral?
  • Is there a clergyperson or celebrant you would like to conduct the funeral?
  • What music would you like played?
  • Are there any verses or readings you would like read?
  • Are there any photos or films you would like shown?
  • Are there any rituals or cultural practices you would like observed?
  • Which flowers or colours do you like?
  • What food and drink would you like served afterwards?
  • Would you like a newspaper announcement of your death and/or funeral?
  • Who would you like to take care of the final details when the time comes?


Let’s think about memorialisation

  • Would you prefer to be buried or cremated?
  • Do you have any preferences for the style of coffin or casket?
  • Do you already know what clothes or jewellery you’d like to be dressed in?
  • Do you already have a burial plot in a cemetery or a place for your ashes in a memorial park?
  • If so, where?
  • If not, where would you like to be buried or have your ashes placed?
  • What would you like your headstone or plaque to say?

Next steps

Get in touch with one of our specialist planners